Rules & Policies


Madrassa Code of Conduct: Rules and Regulations are a key factor in any successful institution. At Jamia Abdullah Bin Masood R.A (JABM), our objectives are to promote pure Islam, high level of discipline and a high standard of education. In order to achieve these objectives, it is of paramount importance that our Madrassa also has a set of Rules and Regulations in place.

1. Timing and Punctuality: Lateness is a disruption for the class teacher, students and office staff. Bringing in your child late may also be upsetting for them, causing them embarrassment. Regular attendance at Madrassa is vital if children are to gain maximum benefits from their education. Absence can interrupt a child’s learning and can lead to poor attitudes towards the Madrassa. If children are unwell or are absent for reasons that are accepted and regarded as valid, it will be noted as an authorised absence. Medical/Dental or any other appointments should be arranged out of Madrassa hours, where possible. It is important for parents to inform us every time their child is absent from the Madrassa. This can be done in the following ways:  Telephone call to Madrassa  Send in a signed note to Madrassa  Send a verbal message – via an adult

2. Late Collection: In the best interest and safety of your child, it is important to collect him/her immediately after Madrassa has finished. It should not be the responsibility of a member of staff to be supervising your child until you arrive.

3. Uniform: Uniform policy is part of Islamic modesty, discipline and identity. Any failure to abide by the dress code your child will be sent home.

4. Books and Equipments: To ensure our children are well prepared for the tasks and activities planned, it is important that every child brings with him/her necessary and correct books and equipments.

5. Homework: Very occasionally, your child may be given some homework to do. This will enable the teacher to monitor his or her progress and to offer him/her required help. Failure to complete any homework or a given task in the class will result in a 15 minute detention.

6. Behaviour: Good behaviour is of paramount importance everywhere for all. In Islam this is stressed and emphasised even more. Hence misbehaviour at our Madrassa will not be tolerated. Minor misbehaviour will result in a 15 minute after class detention, where as major ones will lead to a 30 minute detention. Decisions in recognising any particular act of misbehaviour as major or minor will be left at the discretion of the teacher.

7. Mobiles: The Madrassa has a strict NO MOBILE POLICY which means no child is allowed to bring a mobile with them to the Madrassa. This is to ensure that no child is distracted in his/her learning. Therefore, any child found with a mobile will have it confiscated.

8. Bullying: We wish to see every child in our Madrassa safe, secure and at ease. Hence any form of bullying will not be tolerated and will be dealt with seriously. Any form of proven bullying will lead to a 15 minute detention. Repetition of this crime may also result in the expulsion of the child.

9. Salaah: In Islam, children from the age of ten are required to be regular with their daily Salaats. At our Madrassa we aim to encourage our children to practice what they learn.

10.Attending Detentions: As detention is the only practical solution in maintaining the discipline in the Madrassa, it is very crucial that children attend the detentions. Failure to attend detentions will be regarded as a very serious issue and will result in another detention for twice as much time as the previous one.

11.General Appearance: In today’s very permissive society where there appears to be no restriction as to how you portray yourself, it is vital we have some form of code pertaining to appearance. This is to ensure we maintain our identity as Muslims and we all look decent, smart and ‘normal’. For this very reason boys are neither allowed to wear jewellery of any kind neither are they allowed to have unislamic hair styles. Hence short-back and sides, wedge cuts and step-cuts etc are all unacceptable. Boys will be required to have a normal hairstyle where the hair is all cut to the same size. Minor defects to the hairstyle will lead the child to be sent home and parents will be asked to rectify the situation before the child attends the Madrassa again.

12.Exam Attendances: Exams are the most effective and thorough way of assessing the progress of an individual as well as of the whole class. They allow the teachers to guide or progress the class in the right direction in the future. Hence attendance in our Annual & Mid-Term Exams for all subjects is a must. Any unauthorised absence from the exams will result in the expulsion of the child.

13.Term Time leave: Leave during Madrassa term time can have serious detrimental effect on a child’s achievement. Parents will always be requested to avoid taking their child for visits during term time. If absolutely inevitable then parents must ensure that they complete our ‘Holiday Notification Form’ and return it to us, giving us enough time to consider the request before they leave. Please note that leave during exam period will not be authorised. Any unauthorised leave will result in the expulsion of the child.

14.Parents Meeting: We strongly believe that we cannot succeed in our goals without the parent’s involvement. For this reason we shall arrange Annual & Mid-Term Meetings for both fathers and mothers separately. These meetings will give us the opportunity to discuss with the parents our developments, future goals, as well as our joint responsibilities towards the success of our children. Failure to attend these meetings will result in the expulsion of the child.

15.Complaints Procedure: If any parent has a complaint against the Madrassa, then they MUST speak to the Head Teacher directly to resolve the issue and not approach any of the teachers.

The madrassa reserves the right to alter or add any rule without any prior notice. Please read and keep this copy safe! Jazaakallah Khair for your co-operation.