Mission Statement

JABM Trust will help bettering the local community. It will aim to support and help causes that will improve the quality of living in the neighbourhood. It will achieve this by trying to follow these seven measures:/strong>

1.To provide a high quality centre for learning, where pupils can receive a good quality and balanced education within an Islamic environment and become valuable members of our society.

2.To propagate the religion of Islam in it pristine form, according to the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah, to all corners of the community.

3.To promote the true image of the religion of Islam among the community both Muslim and non-Muslim.

4.To encourage the Muslim community to actively participate in the life in the UK while maintaining their Islamic identity and value.

5.To promote and provide good quality education throughout the various stages of life

6.To meet the social and welfare needs of the local community and seek to improve these.

7.To co-operate and collaborate with voluntary bodies statutory authorities operation in similar fields and to exchange information and advice.